Natali Ben David – נפלאות המלח

Natali Ben David

Want to share with everyone my win! I won the salt lamp, I won the health of my children!
My husband was completely skeptical and did not believe she could help at all and I wanted her so much because I believed there must be something to help all the winter illnesses that are already tired of them 2 little kids who are sick on duty all the time !.).
So I got the lamp ..... I immediately turned it on and saw the change two days later there is no snoring and the cough is significantly reduced!
Even my skeptical husband said to me: "You have noticed that Nehorai no longer snores or snores and Yahli does not cough!""
And a little secret even my husband snores less .....(We all sleep in the same room with the lamp)
So I want to say a big thank you so much for winning both the lamp and my kids health!
Highly recommend to anyone who has fluent, coughing and sick children non-stop!

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